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Marriage Is Not A Partnership

The definition of marriage is the union of two souls. As opposed to a partnership, where one person has something that another person needs in order for them to get what they want. A union of two souls means being together as one unit. A partner helps you get to your goal, and when your goal is reached, you don’t need the partner anymore. This is why there are many divorces after children grow up and leave the house. Their marriage was based on a partnership with the goal to raise children, even if that was not their only intention when they got married. Once they reached that goal, they did not need each other anymore. However, a marriage ideally lasts forever.

Many business partnerships end up in court suing each other. Why? Because partnerships don’t work when one person feels that their partner isn’t doing their fair share. In the case of marriage, how can you be certain that both partners are doing their fair share? How can you put a value on raising children? Or being the breadwinner and supporting the family financially? It’s impossible to try to put a value on something that is intangible, so more often than not, someone is going to think that their spouse is not doing their fair share. That’s why looking at marriage as a partnership is a losing proposition. Partnerships sometimes have the same goal, which your marriage should definitely have, but to get to that goal is NOT a partnership. It needs to be viewed as 2 souls united as one working for the common good, no matter who you think does more in the marriage.

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