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Don't Marry Yourself

Whether or not you believe in the Bible, you can learn an important lesson from the story of Adam and Eve. We learn from this story that your partner should have qualities that will help to complete you as a person. The purpose of marriage is to make you whole so that together you can become completely united as one.

Adam was the first man in creation and the Bible said he was lonely. Then God displayed all the animals in front of Adam, so he could name them. Adam noticed that all the animals had a mate, except him. So Adam told God that he also wanted a “soulmate”, but he didn’t want it to be based on instinct and animalistic tendencies. Instead, he wanted a mate whom he can connect with on an emotional level. So God put Adam to sleep, took his rib, and made him a woman.

That’s why our mate is the person we are emotionally connected to. It is not someone who is exactly the same as us; rather, they are the missing piece of us! It is our “soulmate”, the person who is going to complete us so that we become a single soul working together as one.

Many of my students will give a description of who they want to marry. Do you what is the common theme in all their requirements? They are describing themselves! Do you think you need more of you? You are already have enough of you! You need someone who is able to complete you as a person.

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