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Disney Movies Will Mess You Up

Besides your parents’ marriage, what other source do you have of experiencing other marriages? You may have observed the marriage of a close relative, siblings and close friends. But even then, you never really know the whole story.

Another place that helps us define what marriage is what we observe at the movies. All the Disney fairy tales depict marriage as a princess waiting around for a prince to come. The princess is undoubtedly beautiful and glamorous, while the prince is completely gorgeous and rich. Then the expectation of the prince is that the prince will whisk you away in a horse and carriage while you’re wearing a Vera Wang dress and Manolo Blahnik shoes, then go on to live happily ever after in a castle with fifty servants. It’s no wonder why we have a hard time finding a mate – our expectations have been formed from childhood that this is what marriage is supposed to be like. People stay single for many years just waiting around for that prince to show up.

Without us even realizing it, our expectations of whom we will marry may be warped. Even as adults, Hollywood continues to influence us with this false sense of what marriage is really about. 

What is usually the last scene in almost every romantic drama or romantic comedy? It’s either the first kiss, a baby being born, or very often it is a wedding!

Why don’t they show the marriage 20, 30 or 40 years later? Because it wouldn’t be a romantic movie, it would be a murder mystery! Movies leave you with this sense that after marriage, everyone will live happily ever after, but that’s just when the hard work is getting started. If you are blessed enough to meet the love of your life, you will know that everything that happens before the wedding is dreamy, like a fairy tale. Once the wedding is over, the hard work of marriage begins.

However, if you implement the ideas my book, “The 10 Secrets to a Passionate Marriage”, then you will have the proper tools to succeed in marriage.

Before I got engaged, I enjoyed spending time with my future wife who was beautiful, brilliant and funny. Only after the honeymoon wore off, we realized that the fun and games were over and the hard work of marriage was beginning.

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