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Daniel Ratner was a coin dealer for over 40 years trading in hundreds of millions of dollars of rare gold & silver coins. He is now a motivational speaker and author of 4 books. His topics are on personal growth, wealth creation, relationships, and spirituality. 


His books are:


"The 10 Secrets to Find the Love of Your Life"

The chances of someone getting married today and having a happy marriage is less than 25%! What this book is going to do is throw those statistics out the window! The Ten Secrets that I will present in this book will give you the tools to help you find the person that you will be in love with THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! 


Daniel is introducing a new multi-day motivational seminar called "Find Your Awesome".



I have been learning with Coach Ratner for sometime now. His energy, charisma, and straightforwardness are off the charts! He lives the life he talks about and only wants you to live the best life possible

— Corey Drucker

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